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by Ett Abigail

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Freqc is the second release by Ett Abigail. It is a radio-based work, exploring the shapes and sounds provided by some AM and FM radio frequencies existing in the Central American country, Costa Rica. The album consists of a main track, 'Freqc', and 3 alternative mixes of this track, using it's same source material but mixed differently and adding a few extra sounds.

The 19-minute track consists of two main elements:

The first element is the distorted, blurry and noisy sounds taken from some frequencies of the costarican AM and FM radio signals. This works as the backround sound for the track. Two live recordings were made for this part of the composition, using the 'Tune' wheel to change stations. The sound provided by the radio, and the body movement, affected the signal and the resulting sound. These two recordings were later mixed together.

For this first compositional element, the ‘Tune’ wheel was used mainly on the AM frequencies, where there are no working stations. All the bandwidth was plagued with noise and distoriton that changed as the wheel was moving from one frequence to another. Some of this noise was also captured on the FM frequencies; by positioning the tuning bar in between two frequencies, two different stations would be picked up at the same time with a subtle distortion affecting them.

The second compositional element is recordings from actual music and shows taken from the radio stations in the FM frequencies. These recorded sounds represent some of the most usual and traditional elements of the costarican popular culture: soccer game narration, religious (christian) shows, humorous shows, news programs, tropical music like Salsa or Cumbia along with many other sounds and musical moments captured from different radio stations are included in the work.



released May 13, 2013




Ett Abigail Costa Rica

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